About Leondra

Leondra’s journey in the world of makeup artistry began in a rather unexpected place – the girls’ high school bathroom. It was there that her talent and love for makeup began and blossomed, as she would spend her time applying eyeliner to fellow students who were eager to enhance their own beauty but lacked the knowledge and skills to do so themselves. Little did she know that soon enough, a queue of eager girls would begin to form in the bathroom to receive Leondra’s eyeliner application.

Encouraged by the overwhelming response and joy that she brought to others through her makeup skills, Leondra embarked on a path to turn her passion into a career. Post high school, Leondra pursued formal training where she acquired a deep understanding on topics such as color theory, skin types, and the art of contouring.

As a result of merging her education with her natural artistic flair, she has been able to create stunning looks that perfectly complement each client’s unique features and personality.

It took years of practice before I decided to take the leap to start my own business. I am passionate about what I do and enjoy spreading my love for makeup and cosmetics to all of my clients. Thank you for trusting me with your beauty! Makeup is truly an art form!